July 27, 2023 Continuum Global Solutions, a global leader in the BPO industry, is pleased to announce a partnership with Sanas.AI. By advancing the company’s AI agenda with this new partnership, Continuum agents can provide a local experience for customers while being a part of a global organization. Allowing agents from far reaching locals to be heard locally revolutionizes every interaction by naturalizing accents and eliminating distracting background noise in today’s hybrid work environment.

With Continuum’s global workforce of dedicated agents and tech support team members, the Sanas.ai solution will help break barriers one conversation at a time with the power of effortless real-time accent naturalization. Best of all, agents can choose when and how they want to be heard.

For Continuum clients, the Sanas.AI platform will drive a better customer experience and reduce cost-to-serve by accessing agent populations who may have been overlooked in the past due to heavy local accents. Sanas.AI will also increase customer satisfaction by reducing communication barriers, resulting in faster resolution times.

“With this technology, our agents can be ready for any conversation with several accents available at the touch of a button,” says Michael Flodin, Chief Executive Officer. “It maintains the dignity of their native language while matching a customers’ preferences to enhance the entire experience. We are committed to protecting the diverse voice identities of the world and their cultures.”

“We have built a powerful technology that empowers individuals, advances equality, and deepens empathy,” says Maxim Serebryakov, CEO at Sanas. “Accents can create daily bias for call center agents, which includes verbal abuse and discrimination. As a result, agents often feel pressure to go through training to permanently change how they speak. Our partnership with Continuum Global Solutions allows us to empower agents by giving a choice in how they’re heard, which protects the diverse voice identities of the world and their culture.”

Learn more about Sanas.AI here: Revolutionizing How We Communicate – About | Sanas


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Rosalyn Russell
Director, Corporate Communications