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Once a year, the trade magazine “connect” evaluates the services offered by the telecommunications companies in the German-speaking D / A / CH area. Aspects such as the quality of the statements, the accessibility of the hotline and the friendliness towards the customers flow into the overall assessment. This year Sunrise in Switzerland finished with 437 out of 500 possible evaluation points and the rating “very good” as the winner of the test in Switzerland. This is all the more gratifying as Sunrise has repeatedly taken the top spot in terms of network infrastructure and network availability / quality in recent years. In addition to the outstanding quality in customer care, Sunrise customers can also look forward to the best products. The partnership with Continuum has existed since 2009. It started with the takeover of non-automatable and digitizable processes in the back office and a team of five employees. Over the years, the cooperation developed both horizontally through diversification into multiple LOBs as well as vertically and the increase in complexity in the individual processes. The five FTE grew to 400 FTE after the partnership was expanded to include YOL, a Sunrise sub-brand that primarily serves the ethnic and price-sensitive market.

As Continuum, we temporarily offered the optimal mix of price and quality out of 3 locations onshore and nearshore: Göttingen, Istanbul and Pristina in Albania (for the Italian language of the Swiss volume). After consolidating the languages Italian and French at the Turkish location, the service is now provided from Germany and Turkey.

Today we are responsible for around 30% of the volume on the Sunrise customer service platform. Over the past few years, Sunrise and its partners have succeeded in increasing the quality and efficiency of the service. Coming from a negative Net Promoter Score (NPS), the reality today is a sensational value above 70%. Seven out of ten customers rate the platform’s service after a contact with the customer service platform as very good. This is a sensational and benchmark leading value, especially for the telecommunications provider industry. In our opinion, this is reflected in the evaluation by connect magazine. The 1st place is a logical consequence of the efforts of Sunrise and its partners.

In addition to the constant will and striving for perfection at the same time, such values ​​are also achieved through an agile basic understanding and actions between the partners. For example, against the background of the current pandemic, 90% of the customer service staff could be moved to work in the home office within a sensational short ten days. To the great delight of the employees, who were able to work better and more flexibly for their families, who saved themselves long journeys, and were therefore more flexible in their working hours. In addition to the fact of increased security and a drastically reduced risk of infection. The influence on topics such as quality, capacity utilization, but also sick leave and fluctuation was clearly positive, which is why Sunrise and its partners decided to keep the topic of home office for the future and to include it firmly in the design of the customer service platform.

We as Continuum are extremely happy about the 1st place in the connect test for Sunrise in terms of the service quality of Swiss telecommunications companies and as a team we are very proud to have made our contribution!

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